Best Video Making & Editing Tool For You Tubers & Vloggers

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With the growth of the Internet and social networks, Internet marketing has become critical for many businesses. This is the most reliable way to attract customers and clients who exactly match your business. The Internet revolution has also created the need for video tools for businesses to catapult their online marketing campaigns.

In addition to images, flyers and banners, a video clip explaining your services is likely to significantly increase your audience. An attractive video with the right information can increase your sales, because users prefer to watch intuitive videos about your product, rather than reading long, meaningless text.

free online video creation tools

List of the best free online video maker tools. We’ve put together a list of the best online video creation tools that you can start creating marketing content for free:


FlexClip is an easy-to-use web-based video producer that helps everyone create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes, whether it’s a product introduction video, real estate advertising video, classroom instructional video, marketing video or personal life video.

This allows you to quickly cut a clip from a video and make it more dynamic with a combination of text animation, photos, music or voiceover. In addition, thanks to a wide selection of video templates for business and personal life, you can simply choose one to replace it with your own video clips or photos to make a quick video like your own professional.

It offers many types of videos, photos and music tracks to suit your needs. In addition to its resources, FlexClip’s powerful editing tools help you take full control of your video’s appearance, background music, and more.

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Lumen5 is another tool that lets you shoot video in minutes. With support, A.I Lumen5 assists you in the video creation process by matching your content with the right images and templates so you can create an engaging video without any prior design experience.

Algorithms can even determine the length of your video clip based on the number of words in one scene and even help you in positioning elements.

You can upload your script or just post a link to a blog, and Lumen5 will do the rest so that you combine the content with the visual elements relevant to your product. Lumen5 allows you to use their platform for free. But you can choose a paid plan in the amount of 19, 49, 149 dollars or an individual plan.


Another great video creation tool that offers its users an easy-to-use interface for creating online videos. With Rocketium, you can edit, shoot or customize your video clips and share them directly on various social networking platforms. Again, to create engaging videos you don’t need any design experience.

You can use their music library to choose from a variety of pictures, videos, and audio tracks for your clip, or you can upload and edit your own. Unique features are also available, such as video loop, playback speed and auto-size.

If you want to use rocketium for free, you can choose a basic plan that is free and allows you to create three videos per month, or you can choose one of the paid plans created specifically for professionals, large enterprises and agencies. With a paid plan, you have access to additional features, such as creating HD video, removing watermarks, etc.

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