Earn Money Online By The Joining Contest ON 99 Design Freelance Website

Earn Money Online By The Joining Contest ON 99 Design Freelance Website
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99designs.com is an online graphic design marketplace designed to connect customers with professional designers to complete their design work. The company was founded in 2008 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Miscavige in Australia. Headquartered in San Francisco, USA. After the launch, the company received funding of $ 35 million from several angel investors.

99designs currently provides its services around the world and has its branches located in different countries. The 99designs working model is based on crowdsourcing, which allows designers to participate in online design contests and compete with each other for winning projects. Design categories range from website design to logos, banners, and even clothing.

Make Money With 99Designs Online Design Contests

HOW IT WORKS:- For customers, this is quite simple. First, give a brief description of the company, explain what kind of design you need, choose a design package (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).

However, this guide focuses on how to make money online as a designer by participating in the design contests available on the website. From the point of view of the designer, this site is a gold mine. There are so many contests that fall into so many categories, and you will continue to browse contests and think about which one to choose and take part. Here are some of the most notable categories:

  • Logo design
  • Site design
  • App design
  • Advertising design
  • Clothing and goods
  • Graphics and illustration
  • Product labeling and packaging
  • Book and Magazine Covers
  • So many others

Here we start with how the competition actually works:

The competition has 4 stages, and a typical competition is held 7 days before the selection of the winner. Here is what each step is about:

  • Qualifying round: The qualifying round consists of the first 4 days of the competition. This tour is open to all designers, where they can take part in the competition and submit their design in accordance with the requirements of the client. The client gives feedback on the received projects.
  • Selection of finalists: the client is given up to 4 days to select no more than 6 designers to participate in the final round. Most importantly, at this stage the competition becomes guaranteed, which means that the client will no longer be able to request a refund for him.
  • Final Round: The final round continues for the next three days, during which the client works with the designers to complete his / her selected projects.
  • Winner selection: after the final round, the client is given a maximum of 2 weeks to verify the design and select the winner of the competition.
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