Factors affecting the speed of the processor

Factors affecting the speed of the processor
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The processor speed is not the only factor that determines the power of a processor’s performance. Rather, there are many factors that control the performance of a processor.
Healer. Among the most important of these factors:
1- processor frequency:
The frequency of the clock the processor is running on, the higher the clock frequency, the more the processor can do more
In less time. The processor frequency is not everything with regard to the speed in data processing, but there are other technologies that increase and enhance
The performance of the processor and there are variations from one processor to another in some areas, so you may find that a processor has died in numerical calculations.
Correct and other processor excels in the cache and so on.
2- Front carrier frequency:
It is denoted by “FSB” and it is one of the important factors in determining the performance of the processor, the higher the frequency of the mother bus, the more this leads to
More data transferred from the processor to RAM.
3- Cache:
The size and speed of this memory is very important and has a significant impact on the performance of the processor. The more both the volume and the speed of km
This increased the performance of the processor.
4- Instructions:
The treatments are characterized by the use of a set of instructions that contribute to making the implementation of more education different.
Instructions from one processor to another.
5- Processing Lines:
The processor contains more than one line to carry out the operations is very important, as the increase of these lines contributes in a way
Significant increase in processor speed in carrying out various operations. This is due to the fact that the treatment was exposed to more than one process
One, it divides them along these lines and thus performs operations more quickly. But if there is only one streak shown
The processor has several operations, it cannot be divided, so it will perform the operations sequentially.
6- Other techniques:
There are other technologies that will be developed by companies, including Threading-Hyper technology.
The unused power in the processor is in the form of a second virtual processor so that it can be used by doing other instructions so that it continues
The processor runs at full capacity, resulting in higher performance.

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Also advanced is HyperTransport, which contributes to increasing the flow of instruction between memory.
And the processor is very large.

Freeze the processor :

Any electronic piece in the computer, including the processor, needs to contain a range of temperature ranges
The manufacturer assumed that it would work on it, and if the temperature exceeds this limit it is:
1- Shorten the life of the processor.
2- Slow down its performance.
3- Causes errors in the accounts.
4- It causes the computer to stop working repeatedly.
5- The computer may restart itself without reason.
6- Strange things may happen as hard disk errors.
7- Rarely sometimes it will damage the therapist completely.
The lower the voltage and architecture of the processor, the lower the resulting temperature, so different treatments produce quantities
Different from heat. Among the methods used to cool most treatments are:
Heat sink:
It is a slice of metal that sticks to the surface of the processor, from which a large number of metal columns emerge vertically.
The advantage of this heat sink is that the heat produced by the processor is spread in column columns with a large surface area
It disperses heat, and the greater the heat sink, the greater it’s surface area, the more this leads to a wider heat.
The heat sink is usually made from aluminum, copper, or both, because they are heat conductors, and they are made from
Silver, dispersions made from silver are preferable to thermal dispersal. Some of these heat sinks come from
Its cooling fan pushes air between the metal shafts so that as much heat as possible can be dispersed.

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These fans are generally different from each other in terms of size, rotational speed, and height. Each fan has its advantages that
They are unique, some fans are called “Bearing Ball”, and they are distinguished by the presence of small granules in their axis that help to
More flexible rotation with minimal friction. Among the dispersants that are known to be extremely heat-exiting:
1- “zalman” dispersers.
2- “Vantec.” Dispersants.
3- “Thermaltake” dispersants.
The heat sink must be completely glued to the processor surface. In some treatments, the dispersion is not adherent to them
The plant is installed on top of the processor with special fasteners. In this case, the face of the heat sink base must be polished.
So well that it is as close as possible to the surface of the processor, but even if it is polished so efficiently it will not come in contact with the base face
Except for a little and thus there will be a very little space between the face of the base and the surface of the processor, and therefore special materials were manufactured to fill this space
Called “sink heat compound,” where this substance (paste) fills in a simple space and allows the heat to travel efficiently.
Pass it from the processor to the heat sink.

One of the best of these materials is that they contain silver in abundance. Among the materials known in this field:
1- “Arctic Silver 3” is a paste
2- “Arctic silver 5” is a type of paste
3-“Arctic Silver Ceramique” is a type of putty

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In both cases, the processor has been tested with “Prime95” software which keeps the processor running at maximum capacity continuously.
To know the limit that the processor can reach from the high temperature, knowing that the processor has the following specifications:
(Socket 478 / Northwood / Intel Pentium4 2400MHz / L2 Cache 512 KB / FSB 533MHz)
The temperature was also measured in “4 Alert Pc,” and it is believed that the temperature on this program is four degrees higher.
From the original situation.
It is noted that the temperature of the processor during work depends on the efficiency of the paste and heat sink, and the amount of heat
Produced by the processor, and at the system box temperature, and no heat sink can keep the processor temperature below
The system box temperature is because the air that is pushed between the heat sink columns is taken from the system box itself. Anyone
The reasons for the high temperature of the processor is the presence of dirt inside the heat sink, which prevents air from passing through it, and allows for a rise in
Temperature, in which case it must be cleaned of.

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