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Computer can be divided into seven main types according to how long they are processed, stored and used, and they are as follows:

1- (Digital Computer):

  • It is a computer that performs operations by representing (converting) the data it receives into digital images.
  • Digital computer features:
  • Works on the basis of numbers and numbers.
  • It works on a scientific basis and therefore the degree of accuracy is high.
  • Faster information extraction.
  • It is used in many businesses including commercial, scientific, engineering and others.

2- Computer Analog (analog)

  • It works with values ​​that can be measured as natural variables such as voltage and current or air pressure and is processed.
  • These measurements are contained within it, and the results are then stored as continuous or analog quantities, and this type of calculator is based only on
  • In mathematical operations only.
  • The main difference between a digital computer and a standard computer:
  • The difference lies in the nature of the data between the previous two types. Digital data are entered into the computer in batches of numbers.
  • Discrete (commensurate with the level of internal data, while standard data is entered continuously)
  • Continuous electrician.

3- Mainframe:

  • The central computer – sometimes called the large computer – is characterized by a large capacity for processing and storing.
  • It is extremely expensive and is used by large corporations such as large corporations and governments to store and process massive quantities.
  • From the data, this computer also allows the possibility of multiple users and multiple tasks for the device, as the number of users of the device can reach
  • At the same time, more than a thousand users are connected to the central computer through a special “terminal unit” for each user consisting of
  • From a display and keyboard.
  • One of the forms of this computer is the “ultra-high-powered computer”, which is one of the current areas of competition between the major countries that operate in
  • The computer industry and these computers are not only giant on the one hand but also giant on the storage capacity side.
  • Interior (absorptive capacity), which is also the fastest computer ever to perform all kinds of complex operations that are required of it.
  • This type of computer is used in warfare and defense systems and central devices, and this type has been manufactured
  • Joint between Japan and America, and that was when designing this type of computer started and it was within the conditions of manufacturing.
  • The joint design is that one of the two parties is not allowed to sell this computer except with the consent of the other party in order not to use this computer
  • For military or other purposes, it may cause extensive damage.
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4- types of computer (Control Computer):

This computer is used for special tasks towards the control and monitoring processes of different devices such as industrial or medical devices or Means of transportation. Such as airplanes, cars, or means of communication such as exchanges, exchanges, children’s games, and entertainment devices. An example of this.

The computer is the automatic pilot computer device inside modern aircraft, which tracks flight conditions towards the height and path of the plane. It automatically controls the aircraft by issuing orders and instructions to the various aircraft flying devices. Another example of this computer is the control device inside the modern car, which monitors the traffic conditions and learns the degree of
Heat, engine pressure, and vehicle equipment work. An alert signal is issued to the car driver when there is a malfunction in the car hardware.

The computer also controls the modern computer exchanges by transferring phone calls and responding to the phone user’s request to make Various contact works.

5- Micro Computer:

These computers are a major technological and scientific revolution that has been verified by the invention of the microprocessor. Where the reason for the small size. These computers reduced the minerals and materials used in the manufacture of computers, which led to this size.

As a small computer such as a personal computer (PC), it is sometimes called a “small computer” and is usually used by an individual or an organization. For small computing and data storage businesses, this type of computer has relatively limited processing capacity and is often considered a
Single-use and tasks.
The personal computer varies in different forms, the most important of which are:

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6- Desktop:-

It is used for business in offices towards printing texts and letters and storing information required for offices and institutions. Entities and have this name given that they can be placed on the desktop.

7- types of computer The laptop:

It differs from the desktop computer due to its lightweight, easy to carry, and the merging of the display and the keyboard into the device.
Run it using dry batteries instead of electric current.

8- Home Computer:-

It usually does not have a special display, but data from the device can be viewed by connecting it to the home TV, and the device contains
Usually, it contains a set of entertainment programs, entertainment programs, and games that are built into the device or are introduced to it using
Special tapes are similar to those used in home video or using optical discs as used in computers.

9- Auxiliary computer:

It has limited processing and storage capacity compared to desktop and laptop computers, it can be carried by hand and placed by pocket in all
Ease and ease. It has a small keyboard and display. An example of this type is “PC Pocket.”

10- (Server Computer)
This computer has a capacity of medium in terms of processing and storage more than that of the personal computer
Double. It is usually used in medium-sized institutions and bodies and allows multiple users of the device and tasks at the same time.
It allows 10 to 200 users to run their software simultaneously on the device. This device is connected to a computer
It is called a “client computer” by means of a connection cable that runs from the customer’s site to the server’s site.
11 – last types of computer Workstation:
A personal computer is similar in that it is usually a single user, but it differs from it in its large capabilities in operations.
Processing as well as the possibility of multiple tasks performed through it, and the workstation allows the sharing of data or information between computers
The character is set without a server, such as a laboratory and factory workstations.

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