What is the Computer ? and What are the uses of it ?

what is the computer
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A computer is the name of one machine and they all correspond to the foreign term Computer.
Computer name means in Arabic the word “الحاسب” because the name of the computer is derived from the verb “Compute to”
It is calculated, and this is the first job that the computer was invented for and it is performing complex and repetitive mathematical and statistical work.
Many believe that a computer is just a computer to perform computer operations, but it is a device capable of performing many operations.
These include computer operations such as: comparing two values ​​and knowing whether they are equal or not and comparing two values ​​and determining which of them is greater than the other,
Copying data from one place to another, and choosing a value from the data according to certain conditions.
A computer is an incredible device that does not think, and cannot solve any problem on its own, but it can take advantage of its components and speed
Where he can be taught how to conduct various operations.

The meaning of the computer :

The computer is known as a very fast machine that cannot think and distinguish.
It is an electronic device that receives and processes data according to specific instructions in the form of a program and then extracts information.
It is an electrical device made up of a group of electronic circuits that performs the calculations and comparison after providing the directions
And the necessary orders.

The difference between information and data :

Definition of data:
These are the elements from which we extract information after processing and are not useful alone.
They are data elements that were processed by the computer and are useful to the user.
· They are the meanings of the human being and are ostensibly represented by data, which may be text, sound or otherwise.

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Stages of data processing :

Input Data: (1)
It is the process of transferring data, files, and programs from the user to the computer.
2- Processing:
It is the conduct of different processing operations on data entered and stored in a computer such as mathematical operations such as: (+, -, *, ÷)
Or comparisons between values.
Output Information: (3)
It is the display of the results of the computer to the user either on the screen or on the printer or other.

Data sections :
  1) Digital data: These are data that take specific values ​​that do not come out of them, such as the alphabet.
2) Representative data: data that takes many unlimited values, towards the intensity of the sound or temperature.
The computer device, as mentioned above, is an electronic device, so it uses electrical signals or pulses, as the electrical signal has
Usually two cases, either the presence or absence of the signal, that is, the signal is positive, such as (+5) volts, or negative (-5) volts.
The data is represented inside the computer using one of these two cases. Therefore computer data are binary digital data in the sense that they are
They represent only two values, each of which is called a binary number or the word “Bit.” The number represents a specific electrical state to indicate that it is negative.
Or positive, or the presence or absence of the signal. When expressing these two cases in the computer, two symbols are used (0,1).
(0) If the signal is not present or is negative, while (1) the signal is present or is positive. When entering information for the computer
He is not aware of the data he deals with, as the number (1.0) is the basic unit of any information, and using a set of these
Binary numbers “bits” represent letter (a) with eight binary digits, for example (11000110), and the number (9) can be expressed in a series of
Four binary numbers, for example (10101) and so on.

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A computer storage unit :
1-byte (BYTE):
A byte consists of a sequence of eight binary digits, and usually, one byte represents a specific alphabet or number between (0.9)
A special sign toward the question mark or exclamation point.
2- Kilobyte (KB):
The kilobyte is composed of twenty-four bytes (1024 bytes) and is denoted by a KB.
3- MB (MB):
It consists of one thousand twenty-four kilobytes (1024 kb) and is denoted by (MB).
4- GB (GB):
It is composed of one thousand twenty-four megabytes (1024 bytes) and is marked with (GB).

Computer uses :

The computer has many uses. The difference between it and other devices that are everywhere is that it can do more than one thing.
One at the same time, that is, the computer can be used in a lot of things that a person cannot restrict, not like any other device.
Among the simple things a computer can do are the following:
Performing mathematical operations for companies, institutions and even countries of any size.
Carry out complex work such as three-dimensional engineering drawing.
Design and print drawings and movements.
Print and format letters, letters and documents.
Listening to music.
· Browse the various daily newspapers and send e-mails via the Internet.

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